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There are few nobler professions than that of a nurse. A kind, caring, and a compassionate individual is often more well-versed in patient care than a medical doctor. Nurses usually spend more time with a patient than physicians do, so they learn how to better understand and meet their particular needs. How does a nurse go beyond being “just a nurse”? As it turns out, there are a variety of positions available to most registered nurses. Do you love helping people, but get bored in the same area for too long or just have a longing to explore? Travel nursing may be right for you. Let’s take a look at what being a travel nurse entails.

What is a Travel Nurse

A travel nurse is someone who spends time filling in at hospitals and clinics but is not employed there on a permanent basis. If you’re a traveling nurse, you may spend anywhere between 8-12 weeks helping out in any given assignment. Once the position is filled permanently or the regular employee comes back to work, you will then find a new facility to travel to. Traveling nurses can have a specialty, like pediatrics, obstetrics, and even orthopedic. If you have a love of moving around and experiencing new scenery and people, then you should definitely read on to find out what it takes to become a travel nurse.

How to Become a Travel Nurse

The first and most important requirement to becoming a travel nurse is that you will typically need at least one year prior experience in nursing. You will also need to acquire a graduate certificate from an accredited school. There may be other prerequisites depending on your specialty. All licensure should be up to date as well for you to operate on a legal basis. There are actually travel nursing agencies that can assist you in finding placement. These agencies work as an employment agency by connecting you with entities that need a fill-in nurse and help in other temporary nursing roles.

What Does A Travel Nurse Do?

Travel nurses do whatever nursing duties it is their current temporary employer needs them to do. You can choose to specialize in many different fields. For instance, The VA Travel Nurse Corps Program (TNC) has a “pool” of registered nurses that go around assisting veterans at various VA hospitals. These nurses are specially trained in dealing with issues afflicting many of our veterans.

Is Travel Nursing Right For Me?

As mentioned above, if you’re a nurse or are studying to become a registered nurse, and you yearn to travel, then travel nursing could be more than just a job for you. This career is very rewarding for the adventurous individual. You will gain valuable experience in many different fields and be able to expand your resume. You will also be provided opportunities to learn new skills and try out different specialties to learn which one fits you best. If you ever decide to advance your career and settle down into a single field, you will already have the experience.

If you’re a nurse, you must already care for your fellow human being. That compassion is lacking in many areas of life, and a good nurse can make all the difference in not only how your body heals, but your mind as well. It takes a special personality to be an excellent nurse. If you have these qualities, then consider becoming a travel nurse and spreading the love and care you have for the world.